Designer Handbags: A Complete Guide

Every fashionable woman have always dreamed of getting a high-end designer handbag, as this is thought-out to be the perfect example of grace and style when it comes to accessories. Even if you need a handbag for an appropriate occasion such as a party, a night at the theater, or a business event, it is crucial to consider a number of things while choosing it. Women who are obsessed in possessing a designer handbag can do so either online or in specialized stores, but, in both cases, they should be attentive when it comes to the genuineness of the bag. There are abundant replica companies, some of them even challenging to offer an original product. In order to make sure you always buy an original designer handbag, you have to be educated before starting shopping.

Designer HandbagsHigh-end fashion designers create bags in all shapes and designs. There are also an array of materials, colors, and patterns available. So what to look for when buying designer handbags online? When going to purchase a designer handbag, buyers should observe logo placement, zipper styles, stitching, and many other key details. These details will differ between designers, and they can help buyers separate a duplicate from the real thing. Most of the handbag lovers like to buy handbags made by a favorite designer. They usually stick with one designer name, like Gucci or Coach. Others buyers are more attracted in the appearance of the handbag than the design logo.

If budget is a concern, designer handbag lovers can always correlate handbags before they buy. This you can do both by visiting a store and checking online. To save money, designer – inspired bags are also not a bad idea, but the quality may not be like an authentic designer handbag. Lastly, handbag lovers should always take their decision on personal preference. It doesn’t make sense to spend a big deal of money on a designer bag if the buyer does not like it. Women who haven’t got the perfect designer bag yet – all yo0u have to do is – just keep browsing!


Online Shopping Menace Facts

There’s no question that online shopping has made life easier but it also could mean lots of unnecessary purchases, especially if children are going to do it. No wonder, most of the parents are a worried about kids shopping online because they are tempted to buy unnecessary products. Majority of parents do not encourage their children to shop online.  That is why most parents assist their children in buying a product after being identified or found by the child online. Another important reason why parents are not game for their child shopping online is the fact that they could easily fall prey to online scamsters.

kids shopping online

About 84 percent of the parents in India shop online themselves. The finding of this survey was based on a survey that was done on 4067 parents who are living in the metropolitan cities. The survey reveals that most of the parents in India shop online to buy their favorite goods and services. But, when it came to children, it was found that 55 percent of the parents were worried for different reasons for their child’s involvement in online shopping. Meant to capture the changing behavioral trends among parents and kids on money management, the survey also said that over 80 percent of the parents felt that their children follow their money habits. As parent’s income levels go up, children tend to develop spending habits more while parents tend to shore up their savings habits.

Online shopping is not bad but when it comes to kids and their habits, parents have to stay cautious and create a control over things because like we all know ‘excess of everything is bad.’

Latest Fashion Trends for women

With changing climate fashion changes too, what was hot yesterday might not be hot today! Fashion world is at a constant flux and to keep up with the glamour industry we have to stay up-to-date too. Every designer’s collection brings something new every season, which filters through stores and finally ends up in your closet! But beware we don’t want you to end up with wrong stuff in your closet!

Latest Fashion Trends for women

So here are some tips what to wear this season:

  1. Bustiers: Being a risqué trend you have to comfortable wearing them. You can wear them in three different looks:
  • Casual: Wear the bustier under a white casual shirt, loosen up the first three buttons and pair it with skinny jeans.
  • Formal: Pair your bustier with a plain formal pantsuit for a chic, bold, formal look.
  • Party: Wear a sheer top over a bustier and step out for a sassy evening.
  1. Drop waist Dress: A dress which made heads turn in 20’s is back with a bang. This figure-flattering dress is one of the rarest trends that can be worn by anybody type. Dangly earrings and a box clutch with a drop-waist, is a match made in fashion heaven.
  2. Geometrics: Look amazing with geometric prints squares, triangles and polyhedrons are hot in dresses and skirts this season.
  3. Tartan Tee’s: Well the Scottish print is back. Go crazy with amazing tartan wearing tartan T-shirts, pants, skirts and dresses.
  4. Edgy Cuts: Edgy cut dresses can be a latest addition to your closet. Go gaga wearing structured cut coats, dresses this season.

Follow these latest fashion trends for women this season and we are sure that you are gona be a head turner! To shop all the latest trends visit

Chandigarh’s Best Online Shopping Store for Women: Launching Soon!!

In today’s fast changing time, going ‘digital’ is the new trend. Every shopping store is now jumping into the bandwagon to create its online presence so that they can stay ahead in competition. People nowadays prefer buying products at the click of the mouse rather than wasting energy and time buying from offline stores.

Chandigarh’s Best Online Shopping Store for Women

India has around 100 million women smartphone users out of which 40% shop online. 70% online transactions happen through a smartphone device while only 30 percent use computer/tab. 53% women in metro cities prefer shopping online as compared to 47% in tier two and three markets. Choosing the right clothes or a perfect pair of shoes online was one of the biggest tasks earlier as there was no tangibility involved, say women. But with changing time most of the fashion websites have started giving them assurance to choose products online, hence making their online shopping experience much more stress-free and organized.

Indian Mesh Pvt. Ltd has come up with an e-commerce venture for online shopping known as ‘Mink Shoppe’ exclusive meant for Chandigarh tri-city i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Here you can find an amazing range of latest fashion wear for women. It is going to be Chandigarh’s best online shopping store for women. And the best part about Mink Shoppe? The products get delivered on the day of the order (terms & conditions applied). So brace yourself, because Mink Shoppe is going to take your shopping experience to a whole different level. It is going to be an addiction! Launching soon!